Many people have asked, why so many changes in vocation? I guess my response is, I didn’t plan it to be this way. My experience in the field of health and wellness was one of being a patient. Like so many, I lived through many trials and tribulations that lead me to where and who I am today.

In 1992, various circumstances caused me to take a better look at how I was taking care of myself. So, strictly for personal interest sake, I enrolled into an evening course, Introduction to Nutrition. A few weeks in, I was hooked and the process had begun. Like any learning curve, the information, at first, was foreign to me. Every paradigm I grew up believing about healthy living was being challenged. What to eat, how to eat it, how to prepare it, absorption vs assimilation vs rejuvenation vs elimination etc… I thought my head was going to explode from the copious amounts of knowledge I was trying to retain. Many years later, I am still fascinated by the lack of erudition I have in my so called field of expertise.

There still is so very much to learn and with each passing day, exploration into the science of wellness gives us a bounty of new and exciting possibilities. Presently, I am entering into my twenty fifth year of service in my wellness profession. I do my best to approach my practice in a pragmatic way. Realizing that every person is unique and that everyone has a specific biological terrain that must be complimented not complicated.

With my studies in Criminology, Nutrition, Herbology and Iridology, I have learned that the two most important factors to anyoneʼs wellness success is Balance and Moderation. When it comes to my interaction with other sources of complimentary medicine or supplemental products, my perspective is the same. With every action comes a reaction, with every negative comes a positive. We all have the ability and the will to live a healthier lifestyle but we must also want to do so.

1986 – U of T. Criminology.

1996 – Franklin Institute of Complimentary Medicine. Herbology.

1997 – Durham College. Iridology.

1999 – Richardson International. Clinical Iridology.

2002 – Franklin Institute of Complimentary Medicine. Nutrition.

Keynote speaker: Natureʼs Path, Ribotek, Cynergy, Immunotec, Evolution, Natures Sunshine.

Expert witness in Canadian court proceedings for the purpose of identity qualification.

Past member of product advisory teams for Natural factors, Natures Sunshine, Cynergy, Memorella, Pure Core supplements.