When performing live, Rusty James uses an array of state of the art musical electronics to provide a clean and professional sound for his audience’s pleasure. His Orchestrator, which accompanies his vocal and instrumental playing, gives the listener a sensation that they are in the presence of a full group.


The group performs under the banner of *Rusty James*, featuring the original music from Rusty’s repertoire that is included on his award winning Cds and studio works.


Do you need assistance with your project? As a highly skilled session performer, Rusty brings a unique perspective to every project. As a multi instrumentalist, you get to capitalize on the vast amount of experience that comes from performing on many platforms. Behind the Kit, Bass, Guitar or just needing those back tracks meticulously programmed, Rusty Can help you out.


Do you have a product or service that needs promoting in a musical way? We may have the solution. Amoung the many clients that Rusty has had the priveledge to work with, Freeman Formal Wear, Ontario Place, Brown’s Corporation, Bootlegger, Trends, Dr. Pepper, The Sound Pound, just to name a few. All have had success with the using the services provided.


Are you a performer or other musical enthusiast that uses back tracks to complete your production. Sometimes using a midi file is the best way to keep everyone in the groove and on time. Sometimes, just adding a single additional instrument to your live preformance can make a world of difference.

The musical selections in Rusty’s personal repertoire include a little bit of everything. From light jazz, fusion, easy listening, special occasion, country, R & B, oldie goldies, retro dance, rock and roll and of course, his original material. “Diversification is the most rewarding route for me,” says Rusty. “I like to perform at all types of venues and I guess that’s because I love all types of musical genre’s. I remember not too long ago during a Friday evening performance, all the audience wanted to hear was tunes from my retro 70s & 80s catalogue. It was awesome and the crowd couldn’t get enough Depeche Mode, The Romantics, KC & The Sunshine Band, Soft Cell etc… The next evening, at the same location I was singing the Tennessee Waltz and a host of other classics. It too was awesome and made for a very rewarding weekend of performing.”